My first yoga class was in Maui 7 years ago and that’s where I fell in love.  Connecting breath and movement in a sun-filled room, the cool ocean breeze and the sounds of the waves crashing in and rolling out…pure bliss. 


When I came back to Massachusetts, I began practicing regularly and then 4 years later I became certified to teach yoga.  After teaching for 3 years, my goal was to open my own studio and recreate the feeling of being on a tropical island and practicing yoga.  That is how One Powered Yoga came to life.


The studio is very clean, open and inviting.  I want this to be a place where you can check all of your negative thoughts at the door.   When you step into the studio and arrive on your mat, you are at peace.  It’s a time for you and only you, to breath, move and redirect your thoughts to a single intention.


The One Powered Yoga team invites you to come and “Free Your Mind while Powering Your Soul.”  See you on your mat!




Julie Wetherbee

Owner/Yoga Instructor

One Powered Yoga